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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to feel confident in two minutes

This little trick is brilliant...

Found! The best pink lipstick

Pink lipstick can be surprisingly hard to wear. It can make your face look washed out or like a seventh grader playing with makeup. But thanks to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, we just discovered a pink lipstick that looks amazing on everyone...

Monday, September 22, 2014

What are your favorite parenting books?

A lovely reader recently asked me which parenting books I'd recommend. Such a good question! Here are our 15 favorites (and I'd love to hear yours)...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Have a wonderful weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? My mom is in town for a few days, and we're all in heaven. She plays with the boys all day, and then we watch cheesy TV shows and drink white wine at night, nothing better:) Thank you so much for all your great comments this week, and here are a few fun posts from around the web...

25 famous women on not having kids.

(And five Cup of Jo readers share why they decided not to have children.)

Why archaeologists hate Indiana Jones.

What amazing wallpaper!

How many of these common misconceptions do you know?

How to eat toast for dinner. (I would add this.)

This woman's beauty routine made me laugh. Love her.

Really, really love these shoes for fall.

Gorgeous book cover.

Rashida Jones is awesome. (Love her line about aging.)

How to learn self control.

Speed make friends!

Mark your calendar: Bill Hader is going to host SNL.

Plus, five about career:

What it's like to work on your bed.

Beautiful business cards.

Made me laugh.

How to be a good employee.

How to be a boss.

(Photo by Nicole Franzen)

Of a Kind giveaway

Today's giveaway is from Of a Kind, the online marketplace founded by two college friends. They curate beautiful, limited-edition pieces from emerging designers, with new items added every week. See everything here.

Today, they're offering one lucky reader her choice of the items above—a watercolor scarf, tassel necklace, spotted clutch or leather tote. Which would you pick?

To enter, please visit Of a Kind (and consider signing up for their newsletter, so you'll never miss any of their limited editions) and leave a comment below telling us your favorite item. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!

Bonus for all readers: Of a Kind is offering 20% off their editions with the code ACUPOFJO, good through Tuesday.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Lessons I've Learned in My Career

When I was 21, I moved to New York with almost no money but lots of nerves and excitement. Over the next fourteen years, I worked a bunch of different jobs and learned so much—sometimes the hard way! For career week, I'd love to share 10 things I've learned during my career...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's talk about career...

Tomorrow I'll be sharing 10 things I've learned in my career over the past fifteen years (so many things!), but meanwhile here are a few career tidbits from around the web...
Watch Peggy Olson break the glass ceiling in under three minutes...
My back hurts all the time, so my friend Gemma told me (and raved) about these ergonomic kneeling chairs. Apparently they keep your spine in proper alignment, strengthen lower back muscles and encourage good posture. Have you ever tried one?
My favorite career book by George Lois, the real Don Draper, which has 120 valuable nuggets about career and life. Smart, funny and no-nonsense.
Just discovered the hilarious tumblr It's Like They Know Us, which points out how unrealistic stock photos can be. The caption above is "I am getting so much work done. Toddlers are easy."
And above is, "My clients love when I bring the baby to meetings. My severe bun lets them know I mean business."
And above is, "Mom, I’m getting kinda hungry...Hey, um, Mom, you’ve been stirring that empty pot for 2 hours. Is the stove even on?...Mom? Mom? Mom...what happened to Dad?"
What have been your toughest interview questions? Douglas Edwards remembers being interviewed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin: "I'm going to give you five minutes," he told me. "When I come back, I want you to explain to me something complicated that I don't already know." He then rolled out of the room toward the snack area. I looked at Cindy. "He's very curious about everything," she told me. "You can talk about a hobby, something technical, whatever you want. Just make sure it's something you really understand well." (What would you explain?)
John Derian paperweights to cheer up your desk. (Caroline and I both have one.)
If you're in the mood, here's the past work/life/baby balance series on Cup of Jo. I'd love to do another one in the future featuring mothers with different careers, relationships, economic means and overall situations. It's a topic very near and dear to my heart. Lots of love to you.

P.S. Let's talk about fashion, books and travel...

(Google office photo from The Atlantic)

A riddle

Did you ever hear this riddle when you were growing up?

A father and his son are in a car accident. The father dies instantly, and the son is taken to the nearest hospital. The doctor comes in and exclaims, "I can't operate on this boy." "Why not?" the nurse asks. "Because he's my son," the doctor responds. How is this possible?

Here's the answer, below...
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